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Elevate your daily ritual with Aura Inner G Spray, a captivating and invigorating aromatic mist that brings a touch of mystique to your surroundings. Crafted with a unique blend of botanical essences, it's the perfect companion for those seeking an enchanting sensory experience that revitalizes both mind and spirit.


Aura InnerG Spray can be used for offerings, cleansing, and more and is popular among those who practice hoodoo, rootwork, and magic.


Energetically cleanse yourself with Aura InnerG Spray by spraying it around you or putting a bit on your wrists.


Energetically (and literally) cleanse ritual tools like crystals with your Aura InnerG spray to give them a refresh.


Can be used in similarly to Florida Water


Note: Aura InnerG Spray is flammable, so always be mindful when using it around candles. Please shake well before use.


Aura Inner G Spray

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